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Observation Students

The role of the observer is a passive one. You are invited to watch and to observe; and, when there's an appropriate opportunity, you are welcome to ask questions of the clinicians you come to watch. You are not given any direct patient care, or offer any patient or family teaching or advice. In addition, you are not to answer the unit's telephone, convey messages, or take verbal orders from physicians or any hospital personnel. Observers will not engage in any work activity nor will they be reimbursed for time spent while observing.  Below is the observation protocol for students wishing to observer at Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center.  If you choose to observe at another facility, we can help arrange the observation hours, however, the process to observe may be different.


Before You Observe


At least two weeks before you want to observe, contact the AHEC office at

(606) 487-0137 about scheduling an appointment. You will need to be scheduled to observe and complete an orientation to the hospital. Before your observation date, you will be expected to:

  1. Read & Sign an observer agreement (link is below)

  2. Fill out a data sheet (link is below)

  3. Acquire proof of immunizations· basic series DPT· dT (depending on age)· basic series of Oral Polio virus· measles, mumps, rubella

  4. Acquire proof of current 2-step TB skin test (within one year of observation date)

  5. Copy of driver's license (or picture id)


What to Bring


  1. Current 2-step TB skin test

  2. Current immunization record

  3. Picture ID

  4. Signed observer agreement (link is below)

  5. Completed data sheet (link is below)

  • As indicated in the observer agreement, please park in parking lot on Roy Campbell Dr. and ride shuttle to hospital.

  • The dress code outlined in observer agreement must be adhered to.

  • Failure to comply with parking and dress code policies will result in a delay in observer start time.

Documents Needed for Observation

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